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Candied Pepper Bacon

It is the little things in life that often bring the biggest smiles, right? Like flipping the light switch and the room fills with light. Or that first sip of a fresh cup of tea. Or when your little one brings you a rose petal and a heart-shaped rock while chirping the words “I got these for you momma.” Or diamonds. Yes, it is the little things that fill in all of those dry spots that seem to form too quickly in the everyday parts of life.

And then there’s bacon. Continue reading

Mom’s Old-Fashioned Fudge ((A “how-to” for perfect fudge))

Nothing says home to me more than a batch of old-fashioned fudge. Not just home, but love. Where I come from, a plate of fudge can say “I love you” almost better than words. Really, fudge is the international sign for “I love you”. No one makes it better than my momma. With a little practice and her essential tips, you will be well on your way to telling someone you love them — in the best language I know, “fudge”. Continue reading

Dear Alice, and a recipe for Orange Candied Walnuts

Dear Alice,

A little bit over four weeks ago we were making plans. Looking through all of your cookbooks and mapping out our treats for Perry Christmas. The bread pudding with almond paste and raspberry sauce has been one we have talked about for years, and true to form – we talked all about it again.

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