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Bombshell Blondies ((or Double Chocolate Salted Blondies))

This is one of those recipes that can be called so many things and, although all of the names are pretty great, none of them compare to the utter amazingness of that first bite. Chocolate chunks mixed with a salty, brown sugar-rich dense, chewy, moist, cakey — brownie-like cookie bar is a real threat to your pant’s size. Trust me. Continue reading

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer — ((no bake)) cookies??

I few weeks ago I can across one of the cutest Christmas cookie ideas I think I have ever seen – when I viewed this Pin of Pinterest. At first glance, I could tell these bright red cookie balls were not dipped and with that little detail, my curiosity was peaked. I proceeded to click on the Pin and scroll through a slew of cute photos until I came across the recipe. Continue reading

Mini Birthday Cookie Sandwiches, with Homemade Birthday Cake Buttercream

Sigh. Gracie did it. She went and added another finger to her age – and to make matters worse, that particular finger is on her second hand.  Well, and I didn’t even mention the trifecta of heartache :: she lost her first tooth ((twice, that is a story for another day)) too! All this gibberish is code for Gracie turned 6. And with that milestone, my heart lost a little piece of itself.

There must be 2 types of moms, well maybe 3: Continue reading

Triple Ginger Sugar Cookies with Crystalized Ginger Buttercream 

My plan for this cookie recipe was engineered as I munched on one of my favorite Trader Joe’s treasures: the Triple Ginger Snap. You may wonder how, out of all of the TJ’s wonders and confections, a ginger snap could ever be a favorite. Well, it is really all about it’s superiority over all other snaps. With the trifecta of gingers ((powdered, fresh & crystallized)), your socks are officially blown off a few bites into the first snap; at the very moment you realize you are picking bits of sweet, peppery candied ginger out of your teeth. Continue reading

Creme Brûlée Bars

While meal planning for our yearly family vacay at the lake, I began daydreaming about dessert possibilities. I knew right off the bat I would be making these Cheesecake-filled Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars ((and they were SO good)). But I was torn over the next dessert – Table Rock in July needs Continue reading

Cheesecake-filled Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

I have been searching for a yummy new bar cookie recipe and recently came across this recipe on Pinterest and knew I had found “the one”. I love the traditional brown sugar & butter rich chocolate chip cookie. But, I instantly became obsessed with the idea of stuffing classic cheesecake between two layers of cookie perfection!? Really, it wasn’t a matter of “IF” I would actually make this recipe — but “WHEN”.

Continue reading

Valentine Mini-Cookie Truffles

Happy Valentine’s Day! I bet you have dreams and plans of dinner and flowers! Make a little room to add this treat to you V-day plans. These mini-cookie truffles are a twist on a recipe ((Teenie Cookie Butter Balls)) I recently shared, you can view it here. They were a real hit – so I decided to give them a Valentine’s Day makeover. Continue reading

Giant Chewy Ginger-Spiced Cookies ((The Recipe of the Year))

Yes, this little cookie recipe is indeed the “Recipe of the Year” (RotY). Not this year, but of 1998. In 1998, Better Homes and Gardens declared this cookie to be their RotY in November. At the time this cookie was crowned with such an honor, I was living in Dallas, had completed my Master’s and was well in the stride of working as an Environmental Scientist…. oh, and I was single. Continue reading

Giant Triple Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

This cookie recipe is one of my all-time favorites. It makes a perfectly giant, fudgy, gooey, bakery-style cookie. I have found that chocolate chocolate chip cookies can be a little “flat” tasting – but my version of this recipe ((found on Pinterest)) has been proven to deliver that deep chocolate punch a cookie this beautiful is expected to have.

Continue reading

Recipe Review ((AND RECIPE!!)): Thick & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cook’s Country Magazine

I love Cook’s Illustrated & Cook’s Country magazines! I always look forward to studying the newest issue! Each one is packed full of tested & perfected recipes, handy, time ((and $$$)) saving tips & one of my favorites parts: food and equipment reviews. It is like having a mini-intersession class in culinary arts every month!  Continue reading

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