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Creamy Chicken Chili w/ Heirloom Posole & Yellow Eye Beans

Here’s another super simple recipe that allows you to get dinner on the table when everything around you, your schedule, your list of to-do’s and even your pantry are trying to convince you otherwise. Oh – and these flavors will knock your socks off (thanks to 3 unexpected and a short list of essential seasonings). Continue reading

NM-Style Taco Soup with Posole & Mayocoba Beans

Taco soup is like a chameleon — it blends into any season & can reflect multiple regions (based on seasonings). It’s perfect in winter, comforting and warm – and just a fitting for summer, spicy & satisfying. This taco soup recipe is inspired by my recent trip to NM. I picked up some of my favorite types of souvenirs: local ingredients and spices! Continue reading

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