We have a special BiRTH announcement! ((and I am not referring to the royal birth))

After a 36 day wait, I was beginning to think no babies would be coming to our beloved bunny parents. But we have had….



We were told to mate them for three days. But after about 2 hours of bunny shenanigans, I thought Lula had been “messed” with enough so I separated them.

As her due date came and went, Brod snapped at me. He said “I told you you should have let them mate for 3 days!!”. 

I calmly replied “Brod — it only takes one time. Never forget, it only takes one time. I am sure babies are coming.”


But at 5 days past the due date, I began to wonder if God would validate this important LIFE lesson for my boy. I sure hoped HE would.

And then, this morning, as I prepared to give a talk on faith at church, I received a text from home. It was simple and short: “bunnies.”


Brod was going about his morning pet care duties…fresh hay, fresh water, food & a delivery of fresh picked dandelions. According to David, he burst into the house screaming “The bunnies are here!! The bunnies are HERE!!”.

Hallelujah!! We have had a successful birds & bees talk with the kiddos. God validated a very important lesson. Yippee!!


These little kits are so cute! They are “Lion Lops” which is a mix between a Lionhead and a Mini Lop.

In this video ((click on this link IMG_3678)), you can tell we are already in trouble. The little cuties haven’t been alive for 24 hours and they already have names. According to the boys & Gracie.. “We should keep 2, name them Zoie & Despereaux.” Um, that wasn’t in the plan.


As you can see, we have 3 black ones and one pink one. But we won’t really know what they will look like for a few weeks.

As you can imagine, we are pretty excited!



  1. Oh my!! This is precisely why we only have two males!! The last thing we need are more bunnies and like you I’m sure any well laid planes of giving them away or selling them would be thwarted quickly. Look forward to seeing your sweet little bunnies grow and prosper 🙂

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