We have a special BiRTH announcement! ((and I am not referring to the royal birth))

After a 36 day wait, I was begin­ning to think no babies would be com­ing to our beloved bun­ny par­ents. But we have had.…



We were told to mate them for three days. But after about 2 hours of bun­ny shenani­gans, I thought Lula had been “messed” with enough so I sep­a­rat­ed them.

As her due date came and went, Brod snapped at me. He said “I told you you should have let them mate for 3 days!!”. 

I calm­ly replied “Brod — it only takes one time. Nev­er for­get, it only takes one time. I am sure babies are com­ing.”


But at 5 days past the due date, I began to won­der if God would val­i­date this impor­tant LIFE les­son for my boy. I sure hoped HE would.

And then, this morn­ing, as I pre­pared to give a talk on faith at church, I received a text from home. It was sim­ple and short: “bun­nies.”


Brod was going about his morn­ing pet care duties…fresh hay, fresh water, food & a deliv­ery of fresh picked dan­de­lions. Accord­ing to David, he burst into the house scream­ing “The bun­nies are here!! The bun­nies are HERE!!”.

Hal­lelu­jah!! We have had a suc­cess­ful birds & bees talk with the kid­dos. God val­i­dat­ed a very impor­tant les­son. Yippee!!


These lit­tle kits are so cute! They are “Lion Lops” which is a mix between a Lion­head and a Mini Lop.

In this video ((click on this link IMG_3678)), you can tell we are already in trou­ble. The lit­tle cuties haven’t been alive for 24 hours and they already have names. Accord­ing to the boys & Gra­cie.. “We should keep 2, name them Zoie & Des­pereaux.” Um, that wasn’t in the plan.


As you can see, we have 3 black ones and one pink one. But we won’t real­ly know what they will look like for a few weeks.

As you can imag­ine, we are pret­ty excit­ed!



  1. Oh my!! This is pre­cise­ly why we only have two males!! The last thing we need are more bun­nies and like you I’m sure any well laid planes of giv­ing them away or sell­ing them would be thwart­ed quick­ly. Look for­ward to see­ing your sweet lit­tle bun­nies grow and pros­per 🙂

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