Firecracker Wings — A New FFAY Recipe for Sinkology

Just in time for the Fourth – a simple, speedy & crazy tasty wing recipe with a secret ingredient that makes these oven-fried wings extra crispy!


These wings are the perfect combination of sweet & spicy and are ready to serve in less than an hour (including prep & clean-up!).


After years of trying to reduce the fat and calories ((and let’s face it — the horrendous, grease splattered kitchen mess)), I created many yummy flavor combinations for oven-fried wings. As tasty as these wings were, I could never seem to get them as crisp as I wanted ((without burning them to a crisp)) until I started using my secret ingredient.


Head over to the Sinkology Blog to read all about this yummy recipe and my simple, pantry staple secret ingredient that creates the coveted crispy, oven-fried wing.

Simple, classic, gorgeous and easy are some characteristics that are common to this recipe & Sinkology’s wide variety of copper sinks. Coming from a girl who can’t stand a splattered mess of from frying, the deep, oversized farmhouse copper sink is a dream. Beautiful, classic, easy to maintain and always the star of the kitchen. Even after close to 3 years of living with my copper farmhouse sink, I can still say – I would chose it all over again. True love — and a platter full of Firecracker Wings, who could ask for anything more?!

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