Cheesy Pepperoni Chicken :: Hobo Dinner (simple, yummy camp food)

It’s that time of year — the bit­ter bit­ing air has been exchanged for cool breezes, trees are bud­ding, green grass is peek­ing through the win­ter browns, birds seem to be chirp­ing a hap­pi­er tune: and that means it is camp­ing sea­son!

When you think of camp­ing, many things prob­a­bly come to mind — such as :: tents, hik­ing, camp­fire, fish­ing etc. But for me — the first thing that comes to mind is FOOD! And there is no bet­ter camp­ing meal than a hobo din­ner.

Hobo din­ners are indi­vid­u­al­ly por­tioned meals wrapped in foil and placed over the open fire. (Actu­al­ly they can be just as eas­i­ly placed into a hot oven too)

You may be famil­iar with the most pop­u­lar ver­sion of a Hobo Din­ner which is a sea­soned ground beef pat­ty wrapped up with sliced pota­toes, car­rots and onions. You can view my recipe here

For this twist on a clas­sic, I sim­ply used:

  • chick­en cut­lets
  • my favorite jarred pas­ta sauce
  • sliced pro­volone
  • sliced pep­per­oni
  • thin­ly sliced pota­toes & onions
  • a few dash­es of s & p
  • a pat of but­ter to keep every­thing from stick­ing

But­ter the cen­ter of each foil sheet to keep the pota­toes from stick­ing. Assem­ble each meal indi­vid­u­al­ly by stack­ing chick­en atop pota­toes and onions then top­ping with pas­ta sauce, cheese & pep­per­oni. ((putting the pep­per­oni on top of the cheese helps to keep the cheese from stick­ing to the foil))

Seal them up tight­ly — but leave some room for air to cir­cu­late inside. 

Thanks to the thin cut of chick­en and thin slices of pota­toes and onions, these hobo din­ners are done in under 30 min­utes. Talk about easy — and wow, so full of fla­vor. No mess, no clean-up and so sat­is­fy­ing.

Leav­ing more time to camp, fish, hike AND cel­e­brate Brod turn­ing 13!

Cheesy Pep­per­oni Chick­en :: Hobo Din­ner (sim­ple, yum­my camp food)
Serves 6
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227 calo­ries
23 g
27 g
11 g
11 g
6 g
169 g
381 g
3 g
0 g
3 g
Nutri­tion Facts
Serv­ing Size
Amount Per Serv­ing
Calo­ries 227
Calo­ries from Fat 94
% Dai­ly Val­ue *
Total Fat 11g
Sat­u­rat­ed Fat 6g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyun­sat­u­rat­ed Fat 0g
Monoun­sat­u­rat­ed Fat 3g
Cho­les­terol 27mg
Sodi­um 381mg
Total Car­bo­hy­drates 23g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Sug­ars 3g
Pro­tein 11g
Vit­a­min A
Vit­a­min C
* Per­cent Dai­ly Val­ues are based on a 2,000 calo­rie diet. Your Dai­ly Val­ues may be high­er or low­er depend­ing on your calo­rie needs.
  1. 6 chick­en breast cut­lets
  2. jarred pas­ta sauce
  3. 6 slices pro­volone
  4. 6–12 slices pep­per­oni*
  5. 3 medi­um bak­ing pota­toes, thin­ly sliced
  6. ½ white onion, thin­ly sliced
  7. a few dash­es of s & p
  8. 2 T but­ter
  1. Pre­pare 6, 18″ sheets of foil by coat­ing the cen­ter (10″ square) with but­ter. Place a thin lay­er of sliced pota­toes & onions in the cen­ter of the but­tered foil. Sprin­kle with s & p. Place chick­en on top of pota­toes and onions. Top with approx­i­mate­ly ½ cup of jarred pas­ta sauce, cheese slice and pep­per­oni.
  2. Fold ends of foil togeth­er, cre­at­ing a sealed pouch. Be sure to leave some air inside the pouch (don’t press the foil against the top of the cheese and chick­en).
  3. Repeat until all six pouch­es are made. Place pouch­es over the oven fire, rotat­ing to keep them from burn­ing**. After 20 min­utes, check for done­ness and cook addi­tion­al if nec­es­sary.
  4. Serves 6
  1. *I used deli counter pep­per­oni to get the larg­er slices. If you use the small­er pep­per­oni, you may want to use 4–5 per pouch.
  2. **If you choose to make this in your oven, pre­heat the oven to 400°, place pouch­es on a rimmed bak­ing sheet, 2″ apart and bake for 30–40 min­utes.
  3. Check for done­ness and serve.
Adapt­ed from Food for a Year Hobo Din­ner
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