Grilled Baby Bok Choy

Grilled Baby Bok Choy

This simple recipe for grilled baby bok choy is just too good and too easy not to share!

grilled bok choy

Bok choy is a leafy green (a type of Chinese cabbage) commonly found in stir-fry recipes. When left attached to the root end, it holds it shape well and stands up to high heat cooking. Never tried it? It tastes a little like cabbage with celery undertones. All of these features make it an excellent grilling veggie.

One tip for delicious bok choy

One important tip when working with this leafy vegetable, whether on the grill or in a wok :

Always give bok choy a GOOD soak and rinse before using. It tends to hold sand and grit between its leaves and no one wants to eat grit!

emily, ffay
pre grilled baby bok choy

4 step recipe

This recipe is so easy.

  • soak and rinse
  • remove excess water
  • season
  • grill

Grilling is just as easy as the other steps but does require your concentrated focus to keep the tender leaves of this veggie from going up in flames. Arrange on the parts on the grill that aren’t in direct contact with the flame. (*If using an indoor grill pan, preheat grill pan over medium flame*)

Once char begins to develop, rotate to the next side. Repeat until all 4 sides are evenly charred. Once grilling is complete, serve immediately.

prepped and ready for seasoning
grilling on indirect heat

Grilled Baby Bok Choy

Prepare the outdoor grill or place a grill pan over a medium/medium-low flame.

Toss quartered and rinsed baby bok choy in seasonings and oil.

Place on the grill over indirect heat and rotate as edges begin to char.

Once all sides have a light char (4-6 minutes), remove from grill and serve.

Serves 4

*If using an indoor grill pan, preheat grill pan over medium flame, place seasoned veggies on the grill pan and rotate as the leaves begin to char.*

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