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Spicy Bean & Rainbow Veggie ((No-Peek)) Veggie Stew

A pound of dried beans, a colorful medley of fresh veggies and a few pantry staples are often my ticket to a simple, tasty dinnertime solution. While away on our recent vacation, NO-PEEK bean stew made it’s way to our dinner table several times. In order to bring a little variety to my favorite no-peek method ((see more ideas HERE)), I switched up the veggies, spices and cooking liquid.

It’s always funny to watch the kids compare my different “No-Peeks” especially when leftovers from the last no-peek still exist. Continue reading

3-Bean ((NO-PEEK)) Soup Meets Orcas Island

I took a little break from the blog — I both missed it and enjoyed it all at the same time. While the blog was quiet, life was very full. We took a 16 day trip to my most favorite place in the world :: Orcas. For the first 10 days, it was just me and the herd. We left the bread-winner at home to win bread while we island-hopped, trail-hiked, beach-walked, tide pool-studied and good food-ate (just to name a few of our time-consuming delights). Continue reading

Verde Chicken Taco & Farmhouse Ale “No-Peek” Soup

A simple & flavor-packed hearty chicken soup. It tastes like you worked on it all day, but you only spent 10 minutes in the kitchen!

2-3 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast, chopped into 2″ chunks
1½ dozen baby gold potatoes
4-5 medium carrots, cut into 1″ chunks
2-3 celery stalks, cut in to 1″ chunks
½ medium onion, roughly chopped
1 c dried pinto beans
½ lb fresh green beans, trimmed
1 bottle of pale ale
1½ c salsa verde
1½ t cumin
½ t ground black pepper
1 t kosher salt
2 bay leaves
1 t McCormicks Montreal Steak seasoning blend
1 T chicken bouillon base
finely diced red onion & chopped cilantro for garnish

Place oven rack in the lowest position and preheat oven to 250°. Place all ingredients in a 9 qt. pot and fill with water to 2″ below the top. Stir to combine and place in the oven for 6 hours. Once cooking is complete and beans are tender, season to taste and serve. Garnish with onion & cilantro.
Serves 10-12

Mexican Jumping Beans – ((Taco Seasoned No-Peek Bean Soup))

There are so many things I love about beans – but I think my favorite is how hearty & healthy they are. Oops, that’s two things – sorry.  I know I have shared a lot of bean recipes on Food for a Year, and this Mexican version my be my favorite. Well, it is probably a tie between this and the Cajun Red Beans & Rice.

Continue reading

No-Peek Magic Bean & Ham Soup

I have just fallen in love all over again with my giant cast iron enameled Dutch oven. For the longest time, my slow cooker was my go to dinnertime savior for those crazy days that start when it’s dark and end when it’s dark. You know what I mean, right? We are up and out of the house by 7:20 AM, run to & fro all day long, and come dragging in at 6:30 PM, tired & hungry. Tired and hungry don’t quite cover our condition, HANGRY Continue reading

No-Peek Oven Roasted Merlot & Sweet Italian Sausage Spaghetti Sauce

Why haven’t I done this before?? The flavors are AMAZING (deep and perfect) and it is a meal for the ages! So simple and I am in love with using one pot for the entire meal. The day I made this, I had just less than two hours at home in the middle of the day. Continue reading

Becoming a Pizza Maker ((and a little peek into my trip to Napa))

About a year ago, I had the great privilege and fun treat of learning to make pasta from Chef/Owner : Tyler Rodde  ((Chef Tyler — “CT”)) at Oenotri in Napa. ((You can read all about that trip & pasta recipe HERE)) After 12 months of practicing pasta production ((and eating — yum.)), I got the opportunity to return to the Oenotri kitchen for more cooking lessons.

BTW, I will share a brief “Becoming a Pasta Maker 2.0” in an upcoming post ((so get ready)). Continue reading

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