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Spicy Bean & Rainbow Veggie ((No-Peek)) Veggie Stew

A pound of dried beans, a col­or­ful med­ley of fresh veg­gies and a few pantry sta­ples are often my tick­et to a sim­ple, tasty din­ner­time solu­tion. While away on our recent vaca­tion, NO-PEEK bean stew made it’s way to our din­ner table sev­er­al times. In order to bring a lit­tle vari­ety to my favorite no-peek method ((see more ideas HERE)), I switched up the veg­gies, spices and cook­ing liq­uid.

It’s always fun­ny to watch the kids com­pare my dif­fer­ent “No-Peeks” espe­cial­ly when left­overs from the last no-peek still exist. Con­tin­ue read­ing

3-Bean ((NO-PEEK)) Soup Meets Orcas Island

I took a lit­tle break from the blog — I both missed it and enjoyed it all at the same time. While the blog was qui­et, life was very full. We took a 16 day trip to my most favorite place in the world :: Orcas. For the first 10 days, it was just me and the herd. We left the bread-win­ner at home to win bread while we island-hopped, trail-hiked, beach-walked, tide pool-stud­ied and good food-ate (just to name a few of our time-con­sum­ing delights). Con­tin­ue read­ing

Verde Chicken Taco & Farmhouse Ale “No-Peek” Soup

A sim­ple & fla­vor-packed hearty chick­en soup. It tastes like you worked on it all day, but you only spent 10 min­utes in the kitchen!

2–3 pounds bone­less skin­less chick­en breast, chopped into 2″ chunks
1½ dozen baby gold pota­toes
4–5 medi­um car­rots, cut into 1″ chunks
2–3 cel­ery stalks, cut in to 1″ chunks
½ medi­um onion, rough­ly chopped
1 c dried pin­to beans
½ lb fresh green beans, trimmed
1 bot­tle of pale ale
1½ c sal­sa verde
1½ t cumin
½ t ground black pep­per
1 t kosher salt
2 bay leaves
1 t McCormicks Mon­tre­al Steak sea­son­ing blend
1 T chick­en bouil­lon base
fine­ly diced red onion & chopped cilantro for gar­nish

Place oven rack in the low­est posi­tion and pre­heat oven to 250°. Place all ingre­di­ents in a 9 qt. pot and fill with water to 2″ below the top. Stir to com­bine and place in the oven for 6 hours. Once cook­ing is com­plete and beans are ten­der, sea­son to taste and serve. Gar­nish with onion & cilantro.
Serves 10–12

Verde Chicken Taco & Farmhouse Ale “No-Peek” Soup

It’s that time of year when noth­ing seems to taste bet­ter than a warm bowl of hearty soup. If you have been fol­low­ing along as I share some fam­i­ly favorites, you know “no-peeks” are pret­ty much my favorite way to get a yum­my meal on the table.

Check out all of my no-peek recipes HERE :: FFAY NO-PEEKs

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Mexican Jumping Beans — ((Taco Seasoned No-Peek Bean Soup))

There are so many things I love about beans — but I think my favorite is how hearty & healthy they are. Oops, that’s two things — sor­ry.  I know I have shared a lot of bean recipes on Food for a Year, and this Mex­i­can ver­sion my be my favorite. Well, it is prob­a­bly a tie between this and the Cajun Red Beans & Rice.

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No-Peek Magic Bean & Ham Soup

I have just fall­en in love all over again with my giant cast iron enam­eled Dutch oven. For the longest time, my slow cook­er was my go to din­ner­time sav­ior for those crazy days that start when it’s dark and end when it’s dark. You know what I mean, right? We are up and out of the house by 7:20 AM, run to & fro all day long, and come drag­ging in at 6:30 PM, tired & hun­gry. Tired and hun­gry don’t quite cov­er our con­di­tion, HANGRY Con­tin­ue read­ing

No-Peek Oven Roasted Merlot & Sweet Italian Sausage Spaghetti Sauce

Why haven’t I done this before?? The fla­vors are AMAZING (deep and per­fect) and it is a meal for the ages! So sim­ple and I am in love with using one pot for the entire meal. The day I made this, I had just less than two hours at home in the mid­dle of the day. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Becoming a Pizza Maker ((and a little peek into my trip to Napa))

About a year ago, I had the great priv­i­lege and fun treat of learn­ing to make pas­ta from Chef/Owner : Tyler Rodde  ((Chef Tyler — “CT”)) at Oenotri in Napa. ((You can read all about that trip & pas­ta recipe HERE)) After 12 months of prac­tic­ing pas­ta pro­duc­tion ((and eat­ing — yum.)), I got the oppor­tu­ni­ty to return to the Oenotri kitchen for more cook­ing lessons.

BTW, I will share a brief “Becom­ing a Pas­ta Mak­er 2.0” in an upcom­ing post ((so get ready)). Con­tin­ue read­ing

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