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Pacific Northwest Blueberry Brownies

On the way to the Anacortes Ferry there is the most delightful outdoor market. I first discovered this market on our trip to Orcas Island 2 years ago. On that trip, I loaded up on fresh, sweet corn, herb bundles as big as my head, tomatoes, carrots, several types of fruit and two flats of blueberries. The blueberries were my most treasured purchase – one taste and my entire perception of that little blue fruit was forever changed. Unfortunately, blueberries ended up being the only item I cooked with while on that trip. Continue reading

Bombshell Blondies ((or Double Chocolate Salted Blondies))

This is one of those recipes that can be called so many things and, although all of the names are pretty great, none of them compare to the utter amazingness of that first bite. Chocolate chunks mixed with a salty, brown sugar-rich dense, chewy, moist, cakey — brownie-like cookie bar is a real threat to your pant’s size. Trust me. Continue reading

Half-Birthday Boy and Cookie Butter Crumble Topped Brownies.

Before I share this yummy cookie butter crumble topped brownie recipe with you, let me first tell you why we celebrate the half-birthdays of my “little” herd. It all began on April 15, 2003; the day Baby Kade turned 6 months old. Well, actually – it really began way back when Baby Kade was about 4 days old & since I haven’t told a good story in a while – what better way to tell a story than with a perfect brownie as the punch-line?! Continue reading

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