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Shock and Awe, people!

There is an unwritten list of foods we parents have – PLEASE tell me I am not the only one… You know, a list of the untouchables. The “Untouchable Vegetables”. “Those” veggies that I wouldn’t even dare to put on my kiddos plates, the ones that illicit the gag and cotton mouth. At the very top of my list is ASAPARAGUS. Now, I personally like asparagus or else I would NEVER buy it. (hah)

But, I have a dream, it’s a little dream – but a dream. A dream that I can make one meal and we all eat in peace, young and old, boy and girl, mom and dad. That the color of food isn’t what matters, but that each color and shape is given equal opportunity to be eaten and … even enjoyed. That the dinner table can be a place where tears and discontent do not show their ugly faces. Rather, dinner is filled with laughter and joy and even peace. 

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