My Top 10 Favorite Gluten-Free Food for a Year recipes:

My Top 10 Favorite Gluten-Free Food for a Year recipes:

I have been meaning to highlight several of these recipes for quite a while now – but was finally prompted into action by one of my good friends ((and former college roommate)) to throw a few recipes out to all the peeps who live a gluten-free life. One of the reasons I haven’t said much about gluten up to this point is because I don’t want to be incorrectly perceived as “jumping on the GF bandwagon” because it is “hot” right now. I certainly don’t want people to think I want to steal some traffic because of the buzz surrounding gluten. 

It couldn’t be further from the truth – actually, I personally do not try to eliminate gluten from our diet by substituting various flours and grains, but I do limit our gluten intake. Gracie has a health issue that is currently dormant but could be aggravated by gluten when the illness is active, so I became keenly aware of what I was feeding her & our family several years ago when that diagnosis occurred. Because of that, I have since modified quite a few things that were not the best habits for her specific health issues. 


Secondly, Gracie’s cousin has Celiac disease. Due to the nature of Gracie’s illness and the diagnosis her cousin ((the same age)) received, doctors seem to think there is a genetic relationship. Needless to say, I have good reason to keep all dietary details on my radar. 

In addition to family diagnoses, several close friends also have been diagnosed Celiac disease. That all being said, it is a sensitive subject for me and out of deep love for all involved – I have strangely avoided talking about it publicly, so not to appear as though I am taking advantage of the suffering involved in this disease. 

So thank you Tracy for requesting some specific recipes…new ones will come soon!! In the meantime, I would like to highlight my TOP 10 favorite GF recipes! What favorite GF recipe do you have on your menu rotation?? I would love to hear – share in the comments, I am sure the world would love to know what tastes yummy!!


Braised Yellow Beans, Heirloom Tomato Chutney & Garlic Black Pepper Sausage ((How to Feed a Family of 6 for under $10!)). I love this recipe and make something similar several times per month. My only tip, which all you seasoned GF’ers already know ((I am sure)), is to make sure your sausage is GF. I purchased this sausage from the butcher at the meat counter. He hand mixed it and formed it – so I was certain it would be GF.


Rainbow Chard & Sweet Cherry Pepper Croquettes ((Your taste buds won’t believe this is super healthy)). Yum!! These tasty, crispy treats are so delicious. A bit salty, spicy and cheesy with a hint of healthy goodness from the dark green leaves of gorgeous chard – all crammed in to every bite.  The kiddos were scared by the green and I didn’t even try to convince them of their yumminess ((I wanted them all for me)). Then David noticed I wasn’t sharing – and he knows me well enough to recognize exactly what that means. Within 10 minutes we had eaten them all. They are just that good!!


The BEST baked dip EVER: Onion Souffl√©. I have said this already, but this truly is the easiest mist delicious party food on the planet. If you haven’t tried it yet…time to plan a party! You will not be disappointed.


Crunchy Salsa Chicken Bake. Mexican does GF perfectly! If you live in a GF world , you already know that. But this recipe tastes great and is so simple. Again, just be sure gluten didn’t sneak in to the rotisserie chicken.


Smoked Carnitas ((Pork Butt)) Tacos. Of  course, flour tortillas are out – but I sure love a good corn tortilla ((Wright’s IGA in Norman carries my favorite brand. I share that brand in the Cream Cheese Verde Chicken Enchiladas. So check it out.))


Turkey and Roasted Potato Enchiladas smothered in a Smoky Red Chili Sauce. I have been dreaming about these babies! I love the combo of turkey and potatoes. It is lighter than most enchiladas, and at least in my opinion, a totally unexpected enchilada filling. If you haven’t had this type of enchilada before, no time like the present!


Speaking of enchiladas, let me introduce you to my very most popular mealtime recipe EVER: Cream Cheese Verde Chicken Enchiladas. It can.not.get.better. I love these – and have heard the same from MANY of my readers. These are better than you can buy at your favorite Mexi restaurant and worth the multiple steps – trust me.


Time for one of the simplest side dishes ever: Italian-style Green Beans. Not only are these green beans easy to make, they are super healthy and a blast of delicious Italian yum. I need to make this TONIGHT, it has been too long.


Thai Buttermilk Curry & Apricot Glazed Grilled Flap Steak. Who says a GF’er needs to miss out on tasty, spicy flavors?? This recipe will make you forget all about gluten.


And last but not least: Curry Beef & Butternut Squash. This is a yummy slow-cooker meal that will simmer away all day and satisfy even the pickiest palates. The butternut squash holds up perfectly to the long, low heat of the slow-cooker and adds the perfect touch of sweetness.

I hope these recipes give you some great ideas to freshen up a GF menu you have become bored with. No need to sacrifice flavor, only gluten. Let me know what you think and I would also LOVE to hear all about your family’s favorite GF recipes!