Tip of the Week!! ((Faux-made Pickles))

Tip of the Week!! ((Faux-made Pickles))

Pickles!! Pickles!! Pickles!! Three cheers for pickles! If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen some of my pictures, hinting at this TotW. I am in love with this tip for a few reasons:


  1. it’s SO easy!
  2. it is practically free
  3. it’s impossible to mess upIMG_3378
  4. it is sure to be yummy
  5. what a perfect use for something that would normally land in the garbage!


Once you have used all of the pickles or peppers in the jar, simply stick it back in the fridge ((don’t dump out the juice)).


When you have a minute, gather some of your favorite veggies. I used cucumbers & a cucumber/carrot combo this time, but bell peppers, onions, jalapeños, okra, zucchini & green heirloom tomatoes would be just as yummy & easy.


Thinly slice your selection of veggies. While you are slicing, pour the pickling liquid into a microwaveable glass measuring cup & microwave until the liquid reaches a rolling boil. Of course, this  will work just fine on the stove top if that is what you prefer.


It is important to boil the pickling liquid because:

  • it kills any bacteria that may be looming around 
  • it enables the pickling liquid to quickly penetrate the veggies, thereby maximizing flavor

Place the sliced veggies into the empty pickle jar & pour the boiling pickling liquid over the raw veggies. Screw the lid tightly and place back in the fridge. After about 1 week you will have your very own pickle concoction! Almost homemade, but so much easier!


Let me know what you will be “Faux-making!” Here is what I made: my new fast food favorite! Two thin slices of wheat bread, 2 T Greek cream cheese, a layer of faux-pickled carrots & cucumbers and fresh cracked pepper & sea salt. So simple, but SO good!