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Top Hikes & Eats On ((or near)) Orcas

After 3 trips to the San Juan Islands over the last 4 years ((read about are trip 2 years ago HERE)), I def­i­nite­ly feel as though that place is a sec­ond home. The first time we went, Gra­cie was only 2 — so our expe­ri­ences were lim­it­ed. The sec­ond time we went, Shep and I nev­er left the house until he was medi-flight­ed off of the island. So this time, we ven­tured out! We took new hikes, went to oth­er parts of the island, tried a few restau­rants and a bak­ery and even took the inter-island fer­ry to Fri­day Har­bor three times.

With all the sights and tasty food we enjoyed this year, I decid­ed to share some of my favorites. ((BUT, I real­ly like the slow­er pace and small pop­u­la­tion of Orcas — so don’t vis­it. Just kid­ding, kind of.)) Con­tin­ue read­ing

My Top 10 Favorite Gluten-Free Food for a Year recipes:

I have been mean­ing to high­light sev­er­al of these recipes for quite a while now — but was final­ly prompt­ed into action by one of my good friends ((and for­mer col­lege room­mate)) to throw a few recipes out to all the peeps who live a gluten-free life. One of the rea­sons I haven’t said much about gluten up to this point is because I don’t want to be incor­rect­ly per­ceived as “jump­ing on the GF band­wag­on” because it is “hot” right now. I cer­tain­ly don’t want peo­ple to think I want to steal some traf­fic because of the buzz sur­round­ing gluten.  Con­tin­ue read­ing

Sweet Smoked German Sausage & Cheesy Green Onion ((carrot)) Mashed Potato Casserole

Look­ing for an easy one pot meal that will please the entire herd, make your house smell divine & pro­vide some health ben­e­fit? I have the per­fect recipe! Home­made mashed pota­toes laced — um, I mean blessed with the addi­tion of 4 large, sweet car­rots and a bit of cheese and but­ter is a tasty and HEALTHY treat that will not bring tears to the table*.

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This Hobo Dinner just may change your life!

 The first time I had a Hobo Din­ner was when I was 12. Mom, Dad, Mike & I were camp­ing in the sum­mer in CO. Once the tent was sent up, the camp­fire wood was gath­ered and the camp­fire was built, mom and I start­ed the meal prep. I remem­ber wash­ing my hands with water from our jug, mak­ing sure not to waste it! If some­thing dropped on the ground, I would do a quick rinse and try to make sure it became part of my brother’s meal ((haha­ha))!

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