Big Country Breakfast Bread Pudding — Food for a Year’s most popular recipe!

Big Country Breakfast Bread Pudding — Food for a Year’s most popular recipe!

Well — here you have it! Big Country Breakfast Bread Pudding has been Food for a Year’s most popular recipe… BY A LANDSLIDE!! I am amazed at how many people have viewed & commented publicly and privately on this recipe.

baked big country breakfast bread pudding

I am just thrilled at its popularity for several reasons:

  • It is really the best breakfast casserole I have ever tasted ((not to brag!!))
  • I started making it when we were newly married & was much better at creating kitchen flops than kitchen successes ((just ask David!))
  • I make it every Christmas Eve, giving it a special place in our family’s heart
unbaked Big Country Breakfast Bread Pudding

Basically, I love this recipe – and am so glad many of you have come to join me in those feelings.

But let me take an extra moment and tell you something about this recipe that I didn’t explain in the original post. I consider this casserole a “bread pudding” because of the way this casserole is prepared. Part of the bread is soaked in a custard mixture.

Most bread puddings are so soggy, making the texture unappealing ((to me)). In order to avoid the “sog”, I allow approximately half of the bread to soak in the savory egg custard mixture before adding the remaining bread, egg custard and cheese. This allows the casserole to have both a creamy custard texture and a crunchy top.

These two textures work perfectly together, never being too dry or too soggy.

Another important step in this recipe is layering ingredients. I take care not to mix every ingredient together. By doing this – I think each ingredient stands out without overshadowing the other ingredients.

breakfast Bread Pudding is served

The other night, I made this for dinner. By using previously browned ((and frozen)) sausage and previously cooked crispy applewood smoked bacon, this meal was so easy to prepare.

I skipped the overnight soaking and just made sure to allow enough time for the bottom layer of bread to soak up the custard before adding the remaining layers.

To view my original post and the Big Country Breakfast Bread Pudding recipe, simply click HERE.

 Isn’t she lovely??

adapted from Kraft Food & Family Magazine