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French Onion Dip ((the real deal folks))

I am a dip glutton. Wow — that sounds horrid. What I mean is, I love, love, love dip!! But it has to be really good. And when it is REALLY good, I have a hard time walking away. Being a self proclaimed “dip glutton” means I know a really good dip when I taste one. And this, my friends, is a GOOD dip.

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Giant Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich Supreme ((A Perfect Super Bowl Party Food))

Are you ready for some football food?? It’s that time of year where people are gathering around the TV rooting for grown men to do amazing things with a football. With all the effort it takes to root, we need some extra special, yummy game day food, right?! For this big game treat, I took a favorite hot sandwich & turned it into a real crowd pleaser.

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Pecan, Cranberry & Chive Party Mix: a Party Mix for the 21st Century

Worcestershire and garlic with salty peanuts and some mini melba rounds. That is immediately what I think of when I here the words “Party” and “Mix” put side by side in a sentence. ((Either that or a little Milli Vanilli, Blame it on the Rain mixed with Prince’s Party like it’s 1999 – but that is another story altogether, and not a very good one I might add.)) Well, it seems to me it is time to bring this tired party food out of 1984! That is just what I did. But before I share the “BIG REVEAL”, Continue reading

Oozing Mummy Dog Family in the House!!

Every year at this time we have a dinner tradition: “Oozing Mummy Dogs”. I have seen plenty of look-alikes floating around television, Pinterest and magazines, but I have never seen the “real dog”. The Oozing Mummy Dog, that is. Now, please don’t burst my bubble and work to prove me wrong! I am sure these have been done somewhere before I started making them — but let me live in my fairytale, please ((haha)). Continue reading

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