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Not Your Average Oven-Fried Zucchini Chips

It is always a sign I have a recipe superstar when:

  1. I forget to take a picture before eating half of the food.
  2. David eats another handful ((a long-time hater of squash-like foods)) muttering mmm’s all the way out the door.
  3. I have to ‘hide’ it from myself for fear of eating every last bite. (Hey, healthy or not – that can’t be good for the ‘winter-coat shed of 2014!’)

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NM-Style Taco Soup with Posole & Mayocoba Beans

Taco soup is like a chameleon — it blends into any season & can reflect multiple regions (based on seasonings). It’s perfect in winter, comforting and warm – and just a fitting for summer, spicy & satisfying. This taco soup recipe is inspired by my recent trip to NM. I picked up some of my favorite types of souvenirs: local ingredients and spices! Continue reading

Nectarines + Lemon = Sunshine Salad

Is it really nectarine season??  I thought nectarines were a summer fruit?? Our Oklahoma Spring has lasted longer than any I can remember ((YAY!!)). As a matter of fact, our Winter was crazy long too ((Yippee!!)). So, my mind just can’t comprehend that Summer is around the corner. But, my taste buds love nectarines in any season! Continue reading

Lime Cilantro & Jalapeño Salad ((serve with curry…if you please))

I recently invented the wheel. It was hard but somebody had to do it…Life will be so much brighter & simpler for all of humanity. Okay, as you know, I did no such thing – but even three days later, I am still beaming about the recipe I created: Thai Buttermilk Curry & Apricot Glazed Grilled Flap Steak. It came from a combination of no time & necessity. Continue reading

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