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Make Your Own Cake Mix ((in bulk)) — for the Best ((and easiest)) Cake

Sim­plic­i­ty is the name of the game! Oh, well there is one oth­er game I play also — the “only eat what you can pro­nounce” game.

Don’t know what I am tak­ing about? Let me show you the list of ingre­di­ents in a Super Moist But­ter Yel­low Cake mix from Bet­ty Crock­er ((sor­ry Bet­ty, I like your cook­books bet­ter than your box mix­es — but the mix­es still taste REALLY good — I just wish you would refine less — like a lot less)):

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Peach Cobbler Cake — This will change you life.

Hel­lo. How are you? When you say fine, do you real­ly mean it? I hope so — but today I want to help shoot you beyond fine right into the mid­dle of hon­est­ly great! Sur­prise! I have just the recipe to help get you there. It is not com­pli­cat­ed, it’s just a sim­ple cake recipe…with a few twists that will make it  very spe­cial.  Con­tin­ue read­ing

Easy ((and eye-poppingly good)) Homemade Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cake

I recent­ly shared the recipe for a yum­my Choco­late Choco­late Chip Cake. That choco­late cake is real­ly quite a cake, so easy to make and not fussy in the least and it will always per­fect­ly please those blessed by eat­ing it. BUT, I can not help but won­der what would hap­pen if I changed a few things with­in the body of this recipe. And with a few flits of my brain and the best 4-year old helper imag­in­able — cake his­to­ry is going to be made ((or at least a real­ly great cake will be made!)). Con­tin­ue read­ing

White Texas Sheet Cake with Warm Almond Buttercream

As soon as I tast­ed this cake — I knew, I had to have the recipe, I had to share it on the blog — what the world needs now is this cake. One bite will start a chain reac­tion of all things good — hey, world peace starts with good cake ((I wish)). A cake this tasty is per­fect for a cel­e­bra­tion — how about and Inde­pen­dence Day cel­e­bra­tion? Con­tin­ue read­ing

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