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An Okie Girl’s Take on Chicken Marsala

I am torn between 2 names for this recipe, the one listed above and “Busy Momma’s Chicken Marsala”. This recipe really is a blend of both. You see, this Okie girl has received no formal cooking training. Most of my recipes are a mix of what I have on hand and what I think food should taste like. So when I have “an Okie girl’s take” in the title you can be sure I know the food professionals would probably spank me for daring to attempt such refined, classic, international dishes. Continue reading

Speedy Honey Mustard & Green Onion Oven-Roasted Chicken ((Part 7 of the “BUSY Mom Cooks” recipe series))

Lately, everything coming out of my kitchen has been “speedy”! I can’t even count how many Tamale Skillet Pie’s ((TSP)) I have made in the last month, but that little gem of a recipe has been making bi-weekly appearances for a while now.  In an effort to break out of the TSP routine, and to make use of some things that have been hanging out in my deep-freeze for a while, I decided to whip up a few simple chicken dinners. This honey mustard chicken Continue reading

Cranberry Orange Chicken ((Part 6 of the “BUSY Mom Cooks” recipe series))

Well, life hasn’t slowed for me and — I am guessing, based on the time of year and upcoming list of festivities I am sure we all share, you can more than relate to my state of affairs. When every other bit of life is rushed, a speedy dinner is most helpful! If I can get all of the kids to happily eat it – then it’s going on the blog! Continue reading

Pesto Chicken and Heirloom Tomatoes (Part 3 of the “Busy Mom Approved” recipe series)

Okay friends, I am going to blast a few recipes out over the next week. There will be very little commentary – not because they are not commentary worthy, but because this momma is full-up with life. These are TOO GOOD to them let slip away into my vault of recipes that never make their way to the light of the blog!

You know these recipes must good, or else there is NO way I would stop and share. Maybe they will help bring a little “slow-down” to your days – so ready or not, here they come! Continue reading

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